Getting Your Deck Prepared for Summer Fun

Summer time means backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family gatherings. The best way to enjoy the sunshine is out on your deck. However, Minnesota winters and even springs can be relentless with bad weather that can take a serious toll on your patio space. There are other ways to get it ready for the warm weather, like decorating and adding personal touches to make it stand out.

If you’re looking forward to some summer fun this year, make sure you prepare your deck the right way. Here are our best suggestions for getting your deck prepared this summer:

Tidy it Up

Chances are you haven’t looked at your deck in months. Perhaps furniture, pots, and all sorts have piled up, forgotten in corners or in storage containers. To truly enjoy your deck this summer, you’ll want to make sure it’s cleaned and organized. Go through everything on the deck and put it in its rightful place or get rid of it. Also giving it a good power wash will get rid of grime, foliage, or anything else lurking in the wood. The best way to start off summer is with a clean slate and a clean deck.

Stain and Paint

After the long winter months, chances are that your deck is in need of a refresh or maybe even repair. Harsh Minnesota winters can cause serious damage including breakage, splintering, and discoloration from heavy snow loads, ice, and harsh weather. Make sure there’s no serious damage to your deck and then get to brightening it up for summer with a stain or paint job. Staining your deck can bring it new life, not only in aesthetics, but in strength. Staining will protect your deck from the elements, especially summer storms, and it’ll save you money from having to repair its appearance after the next winter blows on by. Paint can add a great pop of color and personality to your deck as well. Try a bright color for summertime fun, like red, orange, or even teal.


A great deck needs great furniture. Outdoor furniture is a great investment, as not only will it be made with water-repellent fabrics that are quick to dry and won’t mold, but they can add some serious class to your outdoor living space. Make your deck an extension of your home with the right furniture. Look at outdoor couches, recliners, and patio sets to really make your deck as homey as possible.

Another great way to bring the indoors outdoors is with lighting. String fairy lights for a magical aesthetic or grab some lanterns for a homier vintage look. Fire pits are another great idea for those long summer nights and make for a great focal point for the family to gather round. 

Make it Green

Chances are that your deck is surrounded by trees already but adding some plants on and around your deck will not only make it look nice and fresh, but it will also benefit the environment as well. Make sure to concentrate on plants that flower, attracting bees (if you’re not allergic). Also, a touch of green will be great for the overall look of your deck. If you’re looking to make it more appealing for potential buyers, greenery is a way to bring tranquility to a space, as well as give it a robust, healthy look. Just make sure you water your plants, wilting or dried flora and fauna will have quite the opposite effect.

Keep it Organized

Decks can so easily become cluttered, especially with lawn equipment, toys, and barbecue tools. Finding the best way to organize everything on your deck will make it look clean as well as attractive. Shelving can be a great choice if you’re wanting to display things, but chances are you’re looking to hide them away instead. Invest in some trunks or outdoor storage containers that are metal or treated wood. These will appear much nicer and higher end than plastic storage bins, plus they’ll last longer. Do double check that they’re meant for outdoor usage.

Regardless of what you do to get your deck ready, chances are that you’re going to truly love spending time out there this summer.

Article Written by Haley Kieser

Photo by Đỗ Huy Hoàng