Preparing Your Home for Spring Selling Season

Spring is an excellent reminder to start fresh and embark on new adventures, making it the perfect time to sell your home. After a long and cozy winter season, local landscapes are rejuvenated with new life and color and your home should be no different! As you begin the process of putting it on the market, revitalizing each feature from the inside out will make your selling experience as easy as a fresh spring breeze.

Refresh your exterior

Spring cleaning takes on knew meaning when you are preparing to sell your home. First impressions are everything, and you’ll want the exterior to glisten just as much as indoor surfaces. However, you don’t necessarily have to apply a new coat of paint. Instead, rent a unit or hire a service to power wash your home’s exterior, porches, decks, and sidewalks. Freshen up the entry way with a brand-new welcome mat and repaint front door. Make sure your gutters are clean (this is a great thing to do even if you aren’t selling your home!) and wash every window until they sparkle.

Smell the Flowers

Memories are closely associated with your sense of smell, so it is essential to eliminate any questionable odors. Empty the garbage, compost, and recycling, refrain from cooking any strong-smelling dishes on or immediately before open houses and open all the windows to let in some fresh air. You can go the extra mile and fix up a batch baked goods right before potential buyers arrive, which evokes a welcoming sense of home and gives folks something to snack on while they admire your kitchen!


Aside from the usual raking, mowing, and general lawn-tidying, brighten up your yard with new life! Consider adding flower boxes, planters, or a small herb garden. Fill them with annuals and perennials, especially pollinator-friendly and native plants that will thrive without too much extra attention. This will create an attractive, inviting environment that reflects the local splendor without giving the new owners with extra work!


It’s a fine balance to walk, but you’ll want to remove all your personalized items without taking the homey feeling out of your house. Family photographs, art pieces, and knickknacks should be packed away in favor of other commonplace items. Using fine art nature photography, maps, globes, and clocks invites buyers to imagine their new lives in your home without making the rooms seem sterile or uninviting. Similarly, you’ll want to repaint any walls with bright or unique colors to something more neutral, such as light earth tones, whites, or creams. Use towels, pillows, and other accents to bring in subtle pops of color!

Simple Upgrades

It goes without saying that cracks and broken items should be repaired or replaced, but it is also important to update any fixtures or cabinet pulls. If your sink or tub needs a face lift, there’s no need to spend the extra cash on new ones; you can simply reglaze to make them look good as new!

Add a Natural Touch

Finally, bring spring inside! Capitalize on any and all natural light by opening all your drapes, curtains, and blinds. Flowers, fruits and veggies, seashells, stones, and other organic elements should be attractively displayed in each room. If you can, try to locally source these features, as the display will feel authentic and close to home. It will remind buyers of all the great assets of the area, allowing them to imagine themselves in your home!

Balance is key, and cleanliness is essential. Whatever you choose accent in your home, it should feel warm and inviting. If you highlight what you love about your home in a way that feels authentic to you, chances are potential buyers will see it, too.

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Article Written by Haley Kieser