6 Tips to Safely Move Your Heavy Furniture

When making a move, getting your furniture from one place to another or even installing new furniture can be a major headache. You want to make sure things can actually fit through doorways and up stairwells, and you also want to make sure nothing gets damaged along the way. If you’re deciding to go the DIY route, the best way to protect your old home, new home, and your furniture is to plan a little bit ahead. Thankfully, we also have some helpful moving tips below:

1. Carry Tall Items on An Angle

If you’re moving items like cabinets, dressers, or bookcases that can’t be dissembled, make sure to ask for some help, even if the furniture itself isn’t particularly heavy. You’ll be less likely to bump corners into walls, poking holes in the drywall. Have one person carry it up high and another down low, angling it so you can maneuver it safely and it won’t be more of a strain on any one person.

2. Pivot Chairs and Love Seats

Furniture like chairs, love seats, and recliners have built in curves and angles to them. use these to your advantage as you get them in and out of doorways. By carrying these pieces on their side, you can pivot them around tight corners, making it less likely they’ll get stuck on the way in and out, damaging everything involved.

This will likely not work for longer items like sofas and sectionals. For those you’ll need some extra lifting help.

3. Use Lifting Straps for Heavy Pieces

Shoulder dollies and lifting straps will make moving heavy pieces a lot easier. These heavy-duty fabric straps hook under the furniture and over your own shoulder or arm, balancing out the weight and making hard-to-hold corners a thing of the past. You’ll be able to balance everything from sofas to trunks using them and won’t drop anything and break it.

These straps are particularly useful when it comes to mattresses. If you’ve ever tried to maneuver a memory foam mattress, you’ll wish you knew this trick. Loop string or straps on either side and carrying it will be a breeze.

4. Wrap Mirrors and Breakables in Blankets

The best way to protect furniture and pieces with glass or breakable materials in them is to wrap them in blankets. Bubble wrap can help as well, but a blanket is more likely to cushion and keep the piece where it’s supposed to be. Blankets will also make the furniture easier to carry, as the fabric will be a lot handier to hold onto.

You can use any blanket you have at home, but there are dedicated moving blankets out there. You can buy them for your own use, but lots of companies also rent them out for moves.

5. Utilize a Ramp

If you have stairs in your home or on your property, rent a ramp for moving day. This will not only make moving a lot easier on everyone’s knees, but it’ll make bringing furniture in and out a lot smoother and less strenuous. Make sure that your moving truck has a ramp as well, you don’t want to be lifting a giant armoire onto a truck!

6. Make Use of Furniture Gliders

These small felt pads attach to the bottoms of your furniture, protecting them from wear and tear as they’re moved around. They’re also very handy for protecting your floors! This is especially true if you have hardwood floors. Furniture gliders are extremely affordable and last a long time. Any time you need to move your furniture, you’ll be able to push and pull them around instead of carrying them. It’ll not only be safer and more comfortable for you, but it’ll protect the integrity of your furniture for many more years.

Article written by Haley Kieser