5 Home Maintenance Items That Are Easily Forgotten

Becoming a homeowner often comes with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment, but usually a lot more responsibility. All the home maintenance now comes down on you and it can be easy to forget about things that only come up once or twice a year. Fortunately, there are some excellent tips to make certain these areas get attention and catastrophic failures are avoided.

Here are five maintenance items of your home where a little attention can go a long way:

Roof & Gutters

Gutters are a frequently mentioned item in home maintenance discussions, and for good reason. Making sure that they’re clear of debris and are functioning correctly can save you a massive headache with water leaks, mold, or many other pressing issues. Next time you clean your gutters, take a good look at the condition of your roof. If you see cracked or buckling shingles, buildup of moss, lichen, or dark areas on inside of the ceilings it’s a good idea to investigate a bit further. Like a lot of things, if you can catch issues with your roof early, you can take preventative measures at a cheaper cost.

Window Drain Holes

Often windows (especially sliding windows) have a row of small holes located in the bottom of the outside frame. They’re sometimes called weep holes. Weep holes allow water to drain out what has seeped into the inside channel of the window. It’s possible for these holes to become a nest for bugs and attract a collection of debris and dust. Make a point to clean these out with a bent paper clip every six months.

HVAC System

The system that operates the heating and cooling of your home is among the most important things inside your home. Dirt, dust, condensation, and grime frequently find ways to get into your HVAC system. This buildup can significantly dampen the ability of the unit to function properly. Be sure to do a full inspection on this system once a year and replace the air filter every three months. House logic has a great preventative maintenance checklist here – print it out and display it in a place where it’ll serve as a reminder.

Water Heater

Most homes have a tank-style water heater that contains between 20-80 gallons of heated water at a time. The water from your municipality has minerals and sediments that will eventually cause corrosion inside the tank of your water heater. It’s recommended to flush your water heater at least once a year. By doing so, you’ll ensure that proper measures are taken to increase the life of your water heater. This is a great video demonstrating how to flush your water heater.

Clean Your Dryer Vents

A dryer vent that has been plugged up from years or even months of use can cause your dryer to run much harder than necessary. Backed up dryer vents are also a serious fire risk! Excess lint, pest nests, and a stuck exhaust flap can cause backups to your system. Cleaning your dryer vent can be as easy as using a shop vac to suck out all the debris. Another option is to use a flexible rod connected to a power drill. Both require materials that are fairly easy to find at a local hardware store and won’t be a difficult task to tackle!

These aren’t the only concerns you’ll need to keep tabs on to make sure your home remains in tip top shape. Yet, they are the easiest to forget! Remembering these five tasks will get you well on your way to having a smoothly running abode for many years to come!

 Article Written by Haley Kieser