Tips to Brighten Any Dark Room

A dark room can be gloomy, and without an abundance of natural light, it may seem hard to create the vibrant room that you want. Fortunately, there are easier ways to brighten a room than by adding skylights or totally remodeling. If your room is dark and drab, subtle influences of light can totally transform the look and feel. Illuminate the darkest of rooms with these simple but satisfying upgrades.

Freshen Up the Walls

If the room has little to no natural light, painting the walls with a dark color will make it feel even more drab, so it’s smart to save bold colors for a space with good natural lighting. An easy way to brighten up any room without adding in additional lighting is to paint the walls a simple, fresh color that will give off light. Revamp the room by painting the ceiling and walls white, or a subtle off-white hue. White projects light and doesn’t absorb color, so it will instantly liven up the room. A white backdrop also gives you the freedom to decorate with any color scheme or theme.

Light It Up

Adding lighting to the room is the obvious way to create a glow, but did you know there are lots of ways to revamp your lighting? If your room has lots of furniture, placing small table lamps throughout will create a luminous look without distracting too much from the room. Sconces will project light upward and downward, easily brightening the walls and floor. If there is already a ceiling light in place, a brighter light bulb might do the trick. If not, consider adding in ceiling lights along the walls. This will not only cast light directly from the ceiling to floor, but will also cast a glow over the walls, brightening the whole room.

Choose Bright Flooring

Whether you have carpet throughout your home or have sleek hardwood flooring, opting for lighter patterns can be an easy way to transform a room. If your floor is carpet, a subtle tan will add light to the room without overdoing it and is just dark enough to not show every inch of dirt. For hardwood floors or tiles, there are tons of different designs you can choose from. Blond or gray stained hardwood floors will add a subtle hint of light while still looking chic. Tile floors can instantly enhance the lighting and make for easy cleaning.

Decorate with Fresh Plants

Having bright plants throughout the room will create an airy environment. Many plant species require little sunlight, so opt for a plant that will thrive even in a dimly lit room. People associate plants with light as they need it to grow, so having greenery throughout the room will make it feel brighter. Placing plants throughout the room will liven it up and enhance the overall feel. 

Embrace Bright Furniture

White, gray or even light blue furniture will serve a purpose in any room while giving it a luminous look. Light colored furniture also looks sleek and clean, the subtle hues are easy to work with when it comes to decorating and having a few staple pieces to bring light into the room will balance out darker decor you might want to use.

Create a Contrast

Brightening a room doesn’t mean you have to only opt for light colors and dismiss bold hues. Creating a contrast between a stark, white wall and dark influences will make the lighter areas stand out more. A bright white against a dark backdrop will pop more than an entirely white room. Larger areas and pieces in the room should still be light, with small pieces like lamps or picture frames being a sleek, dark shade.

With these efficient touches, your dark room can become the hit of the house. Embracing bright hues will instantly add light to a room, while still giving you a subtle backdrop that you can decorate to your liking. Getting creative with how you illuminate a room will save you the hassle and money of larger lighting projects and make your room unique in its design. Looking for more ideas to spruce up your home? Check out HGTV’s top design trends for 2018.                                                                                                              Article Written by Haley Kieser